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Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

Who We Are

Global Threat Solutions is a 100% military veteran owned Protection and Investigations firm based in New York City and Los Angeles.  We offer comprehensive protection and investigative services to a broad spectrum of clients including corporations, non-profit organizations, governernment agencies and individuals.  We have an international reach and can conduct protection operations and investigations around the globe.  Our Protection Agents and Investigators have extensive experience in the law enforcement and military sectors and they will give you Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times 

Our Services

Protection Services

​Estate Security
Executive Protection
Event Security
K9 Services
Travel Security



​​Active Shooter
Travel Security Briefings
Terrorism Awareness
School Security
Security Audits
​Background Checks
Infidelity Cases
Due Diligence
Law Firm Investigations

Who We Work With

  1. Title 14
  2. Google
  3. AVCO industries
  4. Title 18

New York

Los Angeles

2410 N Ocean Avenue
Suite 301
Farmingville, NY 11738

5757 W Century Blvd
Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 


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