A Philosophy of Professionalism, Confidentiality and Affordability

Global Threat Solutions (GTS) offers professional and confidential investigative and protection services to a broad spectrum of clients at an affordable rate. 

Our goal is to offer our clients ​Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times.​​


Global Threat Solutions has built a team of highly qualified Private Detectives and Protection Agents with extensive backgrounds in the law enforcement, military and intelligence sectors. Our goal is to offer our clients ​Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times.
Sami Tareky
Executive Protection Specialist  
  • ​20 + Years of Law Enforcement
  • ​High-Threat Protection Experience
  • ​Advanced Medical Training
  • ​Experience in Combat Zones
  • ​BS in Homeland Security
  • ​Fluent in Arabic and Ukranian

Delilah Bustamante
Cliff Lent
Security Consultant

  • 16 + years law enforcement 
  • US Marine Corps Veteran
  • Under cover operations
  • Surveillance operations
  • Interview and Interrogation
  • ​Fluent in Spanish
  • ​​​​​​​​20 + Years of Law Enforcement
  • US Navy Veteran - Operations
  • ​Extensive Protection Experience
  • ​Physical Security Specialist
  • Gang / Terrorism Specialist
  • BA Politcal Science

​Satisfied Customers

GTS offers comprehensive protection, investigative and consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients including Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, political figures and high-net worth individuals.


We keep clients safe and happy 24/7.
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