"Peace Of Mind In Uncertain Times"
Global Threat Solutions offers comprehensive security consultation services to Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, individuals and government agencies. 

Global Threat Solutions
387 Park Avenue South
​New York, NY 10016


Our commitment to professionalism, confidentiality and service have made us a leader in the field of Executive Protection. 
Our Protection Agents possess extensive experience from the military, law enforcement and security sectors.
Our Protection Agents, Advance Agents and Travel Security Specialists receive extensive and continuous internal training.  This sets us apart from other firms. 
Security and Safety Risk Assessment
Global Threat Solutions (GTS) has a proven track record of performing a wide range of security consulting services to our clients. Let GTS conduct a professional Security & Safety Risk Assessment for your business. We specialize is assessing the security corporations, non-profit organizations and institutions. Our security consultants have the education, experience and credentials to provide detailed reports. GTS can also develop and implement Security, Safety and Emergency plans, to vastly improve the security and safety of any organization. GTS will provide elite services, at affordable rates.  ​
Intelligence Services
Global Threat Solutions (GTS) has the capability of converting data into knowledge. Our data collection strategies and analysts work diligently to improve organizational situational awareness, by mitigating threats and vulnerabilities. This means that organizations can make safer informed decisions and improve business capabilities.  
Emergency Preparedness Consulting and Training
​​Global Threat Solutions provides Emergency Preparedness Consulting. Our Emergency Preparedness Consulting include:

Active Shooter (Attacker)

Terrorrism Awareness

School Security

Gang Awareness
Business Continuity Planning
   Global Threat Solutions (GTS) recognizes the many threats and risks facing businesses today. GTS can conduct a thorough business risk & threat assessment, then provide valuable options to vastly improve the protection of personnel and assets. GTS also can conduct business risk & threat assessments of potential business locations domestically and internationally. GTS will provide detailed reports, recommendations and assist with plan implementations. Our goal is to improve your business and keep the most important things safe.  ​