GTS Investigations 

A Military Veteran Owned  Intelligence Firm

Global Threat Solutions​​
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​New York, NY 10016​​


Our commitment to professionalism, confidentiality and service has made us an industry leader in the fields of private and corporate investigations. 
Our Investigators bring years of experince from the law enforcement and military sectors and provide a broad spectrum of investigative services.
Due diligence, corporate investigations, law firm investigative support and private investigations for individuals, are just some of the sevrices we provide.
Private Investigations
Private Investigations
Divorce Cases
Cheating Partners
Background Checks
NYS Criminal History and DMV Checks
Photos and Reporting
Court Testimony
Interviewing and Statements
Social Media
Electronic Device Sweeps​
Corporate Investigations and Business Intelligence
Emerging Markets Research
AML/KYC Per Services
Due Diligence​​
Corporate Investigations
Insider Threat
Employee Threat and Violence Cases
Employee Background Checks
TSCM Electronic Device Sweeps
Executive Protection and Threat Investigations
Business and Competitive Intelligence
Background Investigations
Locating People
Employee Background Checks
Criminal History
DMV Checks
Social Media Review
Open Source Intel
Quick Resposne and Affordable
Locate Missing Persons
​Database Searches
​IRB and Lexis Nexis​​
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Bonded and Insured