Security Training for Organizations
Global Threat Solutions is an industry leader in work place employee safety and  security training.  From Active Attacker training to Travel Security, GTS provides cutting edge training to prepare your employees for the threats that exist in the modern world.  
Global Threat Solutions
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Our short courses are affordable, effective and can be incorporated into the
on-boarding process.  

Our courses are 2-4 hours in length and offer critical training to your organization's most important asset .... your people. 

Data & IT Security, Work Place Violence, Terrorism, Crime and Threats while traveling abroad are all real concerns and can have a devestating impact on business operations.  

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  1. Active Attacker Response
    In an increasingly dangerous world, your employees must be prepared to respond to the threats that exist. Threats facing your employees include shootings, vehicles as weapons, explosives, edged instruments and kidnappings. Be prepared.
  2. Travel Security for Business
    In the global business environment, organizations send their employees to every corner of the earth. Prepare them to understand the threats that exist and how to avoid becoming vulnerable to terrorism, crime, espionage, disasters, corruption and more.
  3. Information Security and the Work Place
    In the world of instant information, one mistake can cost billions of dollars and irreparable damage to an organizations reputation. Provide your staff with the tools to prevent unnecessary loss of sensitive information.
  4. De-Escalation in the Work Place
    With a majority of Active Attacker incidents occurring in the workplace, we need to understand how to De-Escalate situations and take effective steps to prevent violence. Our course will prepare managers and staff to understand the importance of De-Escalation.